What is Saffron?

Imagine an email interface where you can send and receive emails and also communicate with your team about those emails. You can post comments on email threads, assign tasks to your team, and make sure no email ever goes unanswered.

Saffron means you will never miss another email again.



Saffron includes a powerful suite of tools to coordinate and organize your support team.

  • Unlimited inboxes

    One for sales, one for customer support, another for media outreach. Create as many inboxes as you need!

  • Unlimited team size

    Get your whole team in on the act! Every team includes support for large teams, because many hands make light work.

  • Internal discussion

    Before you hit "reply", make sure everyone is on the same page. Internal comments on every email thread make coordination a breeze.

  • Get notified

    Your whole team can keep up-to-date on new messages and internal discussion


Never miss another email

Saffron is the shared inbox that works. You can rest easy knowing your team has the tools they need to answer sales inquiries, field customer support requests, or handle any other emails that your organization receives.

Get ready to make your team’s email much, much easier.


What would you pay to make sure no email ever slips under the radar again? Most products charge based on the number of users you have managing your email, making adding new team members costly. Saffron charges a flat fee based instead on monthly email volume, so you can have as many people on support as you want.



10,000 total emails

∞ Users
∞ Inboxes
∞ Collaboration
0 Hassles



100,000 total emails

∞ Users
∞ Inboxes
∞ Collaboration
0 Hassles

*Enterprise tier available. Contact support for more information.